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How about a mobile note app backed by git?

I want a notes app on my mobile devices, and I want the content synced across all my devices and available at my desktop. Now there are tons of companies clamoring to offer such a service if I just open an account with them, but because I’m concerned about the security and safety of my data I’d ideally like one I can control and back up. Continue reading

With the rise of mobile browsing, fixed page elements must die.

One common trick web authors do because they think it’s neat is make elements of a webpage fixed so as the user scrolls around part of the webpage stays still. “This is so important the viewer must always see it!”, they think.

Sometimes it’s done with good intents; a rich web app may decide a toolbar should always be visible, for instance. Usually it’s done with scummy intents; “If I make the viewer see SHARE ME! buttons wherever they scroll, eventually they’ll give up and do it!”.

Either way, read on for a simple visual guide as to why this must stop. Continue reading