My Bus Edinburgh

My Bus Edinburgh for Android is a brilliant app that lets you see when a bus is due at a bus stop near you. While it’s already become essential after only  a week or two, one thing would really improve it. While it provides real time information on the buses due, it doesn’t tell you how old that information is.

It’ll sit there saying “5 minutes” till the bus, but if that information is 3 minutes old then you have much less time than you think you did (I’ve already missed one bus!). A simple addition of a small text label saying “this is 3 minutes old” would enable the user to quickly work out how long they really had.

It does have an auto-update feature, but this would still be good. What if the user had a data connection then loses it? (They may leave a wifi spot for instance).

Apart from that, brilliant app 🙂

Edit 28th Jan: Got a tweet from the developers saying this will be considered, here’s hoping.

Edit 19th March: This issue can be tracked at and will apparently be in the next version.