Tracking Errors with PHP

If you have a PHP app, how do you track errors? I’ve been working on an Open Source project to enable you to capture errors and send them to a reporting app.

Each error report contains full information (stacktrace, server variables, user submitted data – click the screenshot below for a sample error).  Users can be informed by email as soon as an error occurs, and a ticket can be created so you can track the process of fixing the error. We attempt to catch duplicate errors and tie them together so one error occurring many times does not flood your inbox.

There is a PHP class you can add to any project to collect errors, and I’m also working on a WordPress plugin.

For more see the documentation on the ErrorReportingService module here. Any feedback or ideas on what you would like to see is appreciated!

An Error Report in Elastik (Ver 0.3.1)
An Error Report in Elastik (Ver 0.3.1)