Do Job Searching sites clean data?

You would think a basic rule for CV websites is if is a candidate hasn’t logged in for over a year then assume the data is out of date and flag it or remove it.

Got a comedy phone call from a recruiter last month. He asked if I was looking for work and I explained I was a freelancer and looking for contracts.

He got very truculent, saying “It says here your looking for work!”

“Where did you get my details from?”

“CV Library*”

“That’s 2 years old!”

He paused for a second, then exclaimed “It says here it’s a year old!”

Seriously people, if the information you have is a year out of date then check before acting on that information. It’s not hard.

But then he calmed down and got very morose and sad, complaining how hard it was these days – “finding you guys is like gold dust”. Bless.

* These fools also just sent me a newsletter without an unsubscribe link, not recommended.