Can someone write a present organising app?

My family has recently been emailing and texting round as we sort getting presents for everyone – making sure they get something they want whilst not getting two of the same thing … shouldn’t there be an app for that?

FaceBook seems like a good basis for this as then you can build on top of the existing social graph.

You could log in, and tell it what presents you were getting for someone. Then if a mutal friend logged in, they could see that list. So if I said I was getting my sister a cat, my brother could log in and see that and not get her a 2nd cat, and instead plan to buy her some cat toys. (We’re not getting her a cat. A pet is for life, etc …)

You would need to be able to specify the present was for more than one person, so you can buy for couples. A mobile interface you can use when out shopping would be essential to.

You could say what events the present was for, and while a person would have obvious events pre-filled like Christmas (or other suitable holidays for them) and their birthday, if someone added a special event like “Retirement party” then others could see that, and know you were planning on getting them that comedy pipe and pair of slippers.

People could have wish lists of things they wanted, with links for purchasing. These could even be pulled automatically from places like Amazon.

I found one site from 2005, but it doesn’t seem to let you see what other family members have brought for someone, which seems a central feature. Amazon also have a Gift Organizer, but again, as far as I can tell it doesn’t have that social element.

Of course, some would say that this ruins the spirit of christmas and presents should be a more personal thing. Think of the competitve anxieties this might start! Up to you. But some would use it.

Ironically, I would have realised this could be a good app earlier if I hadn’t left my christmas present shopping till the last minute. So anyone want to write this? I’m off shopping.