QR codes on business cards should be contacts not URLs.

Most of the time people put a URL as the QR code so they have records of when it’s scanned. I even heard of one firm where the staff had a competition to see who could get their QR code scanned the most.

But the problem with that is that firstly it doesn’t work if the user is off line, and secondly, you make the user perform an extra action to get to anything good.

What’s the alternative? You can embed several pieces of information including a URL in one code with a contact record (VCARD). Continue reading “QR codes on business cards should be contacts not URLs.”

What makes programming at hackdays great fun?

Hackdays, events that bring many people from different backgrounds together to work on ideas, can be great fun for many reasons. But for computer programmers there is one particular reason it’s great fun.

Remember, the aim of the hack day is to explore an idea with other people, to see what is possible and hopefully kickstart the project into life after the hackday. You’ll probably end up building a prototype of the idea, to demonstrate how it works. The energy and ideas that are unearthed as people from different backgrounds work together is amazing.

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