Exploiting Tech Meetups automatic Tweets from it’s Email List

Tech Meetup uses Twitter Feed to tweet any new threads started on it’s Google Groups email list. How can we exploit this for fun and profit?

Simply by putting text in the email subject that gets turned into active links in the tweet.

So when I announced Open Tech Calendar I used this email subject “Announcing Open Tech Calendar http://opentechcalendar.co.uk/ @OpenTechCalUK”. And this is the tweet that resulted:

The URL and the twitter username became clickable, meaning readers had one less click to reach the real content.

Before you get to carried away, let me just remind you that Tech Meetup’s email list is moderated and all spam or stupidity will be dumped.

So, please keep your posts to the community useful and informative – but here’s how you can get that little bit more out of them when you do.