When you own a domain use it properly

It’s common to see people advertising a website on a domain they own like mydomain.co.uk yet advertise an email address like user765@gmail.com or bobby.k.l@yahoo.com instead of hello@mydomain.co.uk, which is insane.

For starters, something like  hello@mydomain.co.uk or  info@mydomain.co.uk looks much more professional.

But mainly, it’s insane because your tying yourself to one email provider and account for ever more. Once you start handing out that email address, you have to make sure you keep it.

What happens if something happens to your account and you get locked out? Or what happens if the service goes away or starts charging? If the service already charges, are you happy to pay that for ever more?

In contrast, you can have hello@mydomain.co.uk and move the actual provider of email servers between the best of thousands of companies. When you do this, your email address will not change – and thus all the people you have ever given your address to will still be able to reach you. Now you aren’t at the mercy of one company any more!

(I was at an event recently and politely told this to two people. They were grateful so I thought I’d blog it.)