Adults wanting to learn to code?

Recently lots of clubs where volunteers teach kids to code have sprung up like CoderDojo and Prewired, and I know several adults have been jealous.

Often the best thing to do is start small and see how it goes, so let’s suggest this: a regular evening slot, maybe twice a month, where adults who want to learn to code can meet up and work together. They would work online on a course of their choice (Codeacademy for instance) but be with other people they could swap tips with and get encouragement from. We would try and encourage a couple of programmers along to help out people who get really stuck.

What do you think? Would people be interested? Comment below ….

4 thoughts on “Adults wanting to learn to code?”

  1. Definitely a good idea – why let the kids have all the fun? It’s worth looking at how to make it as friendly, inclusive and unintimidating as possible. For example, if someone finds they’re a complete beginner but others attending are more advanced (and talking up their skills with languages and jargon as people often do), they may feel it’s not for them.

  2. Count me in!

    I’m really rusty and wasn’t super confident to begin with. And it’s hard to stay motivated doing it on my own without a passion project.

  3. I’m definitely up for helping out, for CodeFirst:Girls did quick intros to the technologies we were using (HTML, CSS, JS) before sending them off to Codecademy or Dash (no point writing too much content when there is already great stuff out there.)

    Over a couple of weeks it would be pretty cool to have people prototype their ideas during evening sessions.

  4. This sounds perfect! Although I’m an absolute novice, and wouldn’t want to hold back anyone with prior experience and knowledge.
    Are there any introductory courses for adults in Edinburgh?

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