Learn Tech Edinburgh

Several months back I wrote this blog post “Adults wanting to learn to code?“. It got a great response and we ran 4 trial sessions over June and July.

We wanted to run an informal group, where people wanting to learn could meet up and chat, help each other or just have a place to work to make them actually do it. There would be several programming mentors on hand to help people if they got stuck.

There are several programmes with set courses going around, and in contrast this was to be a group where people worked on what they wanted to. Most people worked on Python, mostly through Codecademy.

This wasn’t exclusively aimed at under-represented groups in programming, but we do want to make sure we have a very inclusive atmosphere for learners where they can feel very welcome. We briefly discussed various rules or guidelines for this.

We wanted to run some trial sessions quietly just to see how it went with a small crowd so we didn’t advertise to heavily. It seemed to go pretty well – we may be having a feedback session to discuss more. I could write more on how I think it went, but I want to hear more feedback from others first.

(And we need to think of a better name – that common problem of new things!)

We’re now going to try opening it up to more people as we carry on. If you’re interested in attending drop me a email and I’ll add you to the email discussion list. [ james at jarofgreen dot co dot uk ]

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged this, been keen about coming and the other mentors!