Idea: An evil twitter bot

An evil twitter bot that searches for people posting things like “Only 5 more followers until we have 500, please RT!”. It then follows them and waits a couple of days before replying with “Quality is more important than quantity. *unfollow*” – and unfollowing.

I won’t do this, but thought I’d mention it …

Can we make an actually realistic unemployment simulator game?

Recently people have been passing round a “realistic unemployment simulator” game. Its a fun little game.

But its not great in that its very simplistic about the issues and thus very polarising. Its unlikely to make anyone who thinks the benefit crackdown is a good thing change their mind or even think about it seriously. It’ll widen the gap between those on different sides of the political argument, not shrink it.

Could we make an actually realistic unemployment simulator game that would make those who have never been in this situation begin to understand what it’s like and really think about it instead of reaching for political slogans? Continue reading “Can we make an actually realistic unemployment simulator game?”

Edinburgh Farmers’ Markets Calendar

I’ve put together a calendar to list all the Edinburgh Farmers’ Markets. Having them all in one place makes it easy to see what is going on, and you can export the data into your own personal calendar. So if your local market is monthly (like in Juniper Green) you can have a easy reminder of when it’s next on. Continue reading “Edinburgh Farmers’ Markets Calendar”

Idea: Days Since service.

You go to a website, give it a RSS feed from a WordPress or some other blog (the RSS feed could be one tag or category only, not the whole blog) and the website will automatically keep a “X Days Since Whatever” page for you, with a big number at the top and a list of your most recent blog posts underneath.

Now everyone can set up a site like “Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?” with no programming skills needed!


What I want from Android App Permissions

I’m an Android user and developer, but I’m not a fanatic about it. There are somethings I think Android does better than iOS, and some things I think iOS does better than Android.

One of the things I think iOS does better than Android is app permissions. Currently, in Android the users have to accept all permissions at once at install time. Continue reading “What I want from Android App Permissions”

Android Shake Detection Library

I recently wanted an Android shake detection library and came across lots of examples like this which are great for explaining the basics of how the sensor system works. Unfortunately, what they detect is simply a fast acceleration. Simply passing the phone to someone else quickly could trigger a “shake”. So let’s develop a better one.

Continue reading “Android Shake Detection Library”