What I want from Android App Permissions

I’m an Android user and developer, but I’m not a fanatic about it. There are somethings I think Android does better than iOS, and some things I think iOS does better than Android.

One of the things I think iOS does better than Android is app permissions. Currently, in Android the users have to accept all permissions at once at install time. Continue reading “What I want from Android App Permissions”

Android Shake Detection Library

I recently wanted an Android shake detection library and came across lots of examples like this which are great for explaining the basics of how the sensor system works. Unfortunately, what they detect is simply a fast acceleration. Simply passing the phone to someone else quickly could trigger a “shake”. So let’s develop a better one.

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How about a mobile note app backed by git?

I want a notes app on my mobile devices, and I want the content synced across all my devices and available at my desktop. Now there are tons of companies clamoring to offer such a service if I just open an account with them, but because I’m concerned about the security and safety of my data I’d ideally like one I can control and back up. Continue reading “How about a mobile note app backed by git?”

Let’s put phone numbers in the DNS system

Why do we still have to deal with phone numbers? Why are we still having to remember long numbers, or having to go and look up the number for a pizza place? Or telling someone our number, and checking they got it right? Or looking up our own number, because we can’t remember it? It’s a pain isn’t it?

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