Moving on from TechMeetup, but still want to help the tech community

I’ve been involved with TechMeetup for a while now. In 2010 I presented a couple of evenings then in 2011 I was the main presenter in Edinburgh, finding speakers and presenting the evening. Since then I haven’t needed to do much – others like Douglas, Dale, Marius and Phil have taken over active roles and done a great job at organising Edinburgh Events.

I’ve decided it’s time to officially move on tho. Many people still associate me with Tech Meetup and I feel I should be clear that I’m not involved anymore. I don’t expect this to change anything – every TechMeetup event I’ve been to recently has been great, and I expect that to continue.

So what will I be doing? I’ll carry on working on Open Tech Calendar. I’m working on a spin off platform called Has A Calender that lets anyone have the same wiki calendar platform for their own group or interest. This has driven lots of improvements, and I hope to launch a new version of Open Tech Calendar in a month or so (Late Dec 2013).

I also want to encourage the tech community as much as possible, and especially those who don’t normally feel part of the tech community. If anyone wants to talk about tech events or how we can build the local community for everyone please get in touch – I’m happy to talk to anyone about what we can all do to support each other.

So thanks to everyone at TechMeetup – I learnt a lot in my time there and had fun, and I look forwards to a bright future for TechMeetup and the tech community in general.